Snowy White &Fairy Dog mother Doodles

English cream golden doodles- Kid tested mother approved

I take great pride in offering a healthy well adjusted puppy from health tested lines.I continue to educate and practice ways to keep all of my dogs healthy and strive for longevity. 

Many things can and do greatly improve the chances of your dog living into it's twilight years.Not only do the genetic lines dictate how long and how healthy your dog is , WE all have stories of a dog that lived until it was 17 and ate nothing but no name dog food.However that doesn't seem to be the norm these days.
Veterinarian care is expensive and can be a life long experience for your pet-You are your dogs voice for their care. You need to have a good relationship with your vet-you should look for advice from your vet- He should be open to your opinions .there are many avenues for pet care before any kind of treatment get a second opinion-  I recommend naturopathic vets when possible - I use both

Vaccination are an extremely useful tool in stopping epidemics and keeping our animals safe-Having said that we seem to be vaccinating our pets far too often- A simple titer test(vet says it's expensive I say money well [email protected] around 150.00) .

It will tell you if your dog needs a vaccine-   most vaccine are good for at least 7 years if not life- So a titer test every year is good -starting at 16 weeks before his last booster- you should be getting yearly blood test and seeing your vet for a check-up.I know first had what over vaccinating a dog can do- Don't be bullied into yearly or even every 3 years -I always titer

Only vaccinate for what the dog needs- some vaccines have 3,5,7 different viruses- what types of viruses are present where you live??

Things like exposure to pesticides. Your applying or feeding it to your dog regularly- there are many extremely affective ways to deter fleas and worm your dog naturally-regular stool samples will tell you what is going on-

I don't sell breeding rights unless discusses- my health guarantee would be void-transfer of ownership is contingent on this clause. I do not do the pediatric spade- I feel that the reproductive system does more that just make babies. The dog needs to mature before this is carried out. Once removed so are the hormones. Many vet clinic will sterilize your dog with out removing their hormones-

Water is vital to your dogs health-
: whether for your pet or for yourself, you should be examining your food labels and be aware of what exactly you, your family or your pet are ingesting.

I don't feed kibble at all and do not recommend as a diet appropriate for your puppy/dog . It is a completely dry product- Dogs are 90% water- they cannot consume enough water to compensate for the lack of moisture in their food. there for they are chronically dehydrated

All of my puppies /dogs eat raw- My preference is that this puppy stays on this diet for it's lifetime as it is a species appropriate diet that includes whole food. Puppies are sent home with instruction on how to feed your puppy .You need to keep this puppy on a raw food diet until it has been established into your home- If you change this diet/like any diet too rapidly it will develop diarrhea. This is unpleasant at best but it can also become very serious if the puppy get dehydrated- -more about this topic can be found on bringing puppy home page

                                      Snowywhite Doodles Purchase Contract

This is a binding agreement between Snowywhite Doodles. of Campbell River


the following conditions and details apply:

1golden doodle microchip #

2. Parents-

3. Price- Males                        Females        -Training is extra    

4. Shipping: estimate to be provided if required

  Spay/Neuter Agreement     

This puppy is sold as a non-breeding family member and as such permanent ownership of this dog is contingent upon your compliance with this .Addendum.Micro chip will not be transferred until  proof of the spay or neuter has be received by Robin Cahill.

_ _____ . ___ _______ will notify Robin Cahill  in writing, at which time all other conditions of this agreement will apply and be enforced. It is the responsibility of __________, not the veterinarian, to ensure that Snowywhite doodles has received verification that the surgery has been performed. Failure to comply with this agreement by the date below, unless otherwise agreed to in writing, will be considered a breach of the Contract. Failure to comply with this agreement will void the Health Guarantee. By my signature below, I agree that this dog will not be used for breeding ______________________________________, and I understand that this agreement is an agreement that this dog will not produce a litter of puppies either as purposely bred or by accidental breeding. If a pregnancy occurs whether purposely or accidentally, I agree to pay the additional cost for a breeding dog which is 2000.00 extra. I also agree that failure to comply with this agreement will void the Health Guarantee.

Purchaser's Name (please print):________________________________ Address:______________________________________________ City:___________________ ____ ____________                                                home):(______)______________ (work):(______)_______________ Driver’s License Number: _____________________  
Purchaser's Signatures:_______________________

Breeder's signature:__________________________

BILL OF SALE AND HEALTH GUARANTEE FOR PUPPY To validate the Health Guarantee this form must be completed, signed within 3 days of taking possession of the puppy. Failure to comply will render any Health Guarantee Null and Void.

The Buyer voluntarily enters into and agrees to all terms stated in this contract as witnessed by their signatures below.

The breeder guarantees that this puppy has received a thorough vet exam which determined it to be in good health. It has received regular  deworming, first vaccine, microchip and flea prevention if required. Any abnormal finding on exam shall be disclosed to the purchaser in advance.

6. The breeder provides a limited genetic guarantee- until 2 years of age for the following specific genetic issues: moderate to severe - Hip Dysplasia. Elbow Dysplasia. SA. VWD, Grade 2 or higher luxating patella. Eye disorders which cause blindness and heart murmurs which will have a serious impact on quality of life. The following conditions shall apply:

7. Proof of diagnosis shall be provided (at purchasers expense) from OFA. Penn Hip or a board certified Eye doctor or cardiologist.

A. All vet records showing all vet visits and weight shall be provided and guarantee shall be void if dog has been overweight, has serious trauma or injury to the skeletal system or has not received annual wellness exams-

B Breeder reserve the right to a second opinion at the expense of the breeder  If multiple treatment options are offered then the least expensive and most conservative treatment shall be the one covered. If the owner desires to opt for a more expensive treatment option, they shall pay the difference.________

C. In the event of a diagnosis which meets the above criteria a replacement puppy shall be offered from the next available litter that spaces is available. If a replacement puppy is not desired and the condition is correctable then the breeder shall reimburse up to $1000.00 towards the cost of surgery, all refunds/reimbursements are cumulative and at no time shall they exceed a total value of $1000.00 and the purchaser is strongly encouraged to obtain private pet insurance for any amounts that may be in excess of this,_________

D. The breeder has six months from the time proof of diagnosis to provide payment of any refunds or reimbursements owing

(Payment shall be provided when the next available litter is sold)._________

E. The breeder has taken all reasonable care to ensure that all pups produced are as healthy as possible - cancer, auto-immune disorders,allergies . Under/overbites, ear infections, parasites, tear staining, foreign body Ingestion, behavioral issues, accidents and any other issues not specifically listed in paragraph 6 are considered normal costs and risks of pet ownership and the breeder offers not warranty or guarantee of any kind.

F)Other diagnosis of any kind is on a case by case basis and the breeder has no obligation to refund any moneys__________

8. The breeder agrees to provide 72 hour refund/replacement guarantee which is contingent on the purchaser having puppy examined by a Veterinarian within 72 hours of receiving it. If a serious defect or health issue is found and reported within the first 72hours. The purchaser may return the puppy immediately for A 100% cash refund or replacement .The breeder will not reimburse for any veterinary care undertaken without advance notice and consent and will only offer a refund or replacement on return of the original puppy within 72 hours of purchase and not for any veterinarian fees or shipping fees which are the buyer’s sole responsibility.__________

Once the full purchase price of the puppy has been refunded, the warrant expires and the seller has no further monetary obligation to the buyer regardless of any veterinary or shipping costs incurred by the buyer.___________

9. All shipping fees are always the sole responsibility of the purchaser.__________

I0. The buyer agrees never to surrender the dog to an animal shelter and to contact the breeder immediately if they cannot keep the dog. The breeder can assist with finding a new home or take the dog back. no money will be paid for this The dog will find a good home and profit from the sale after training and other expenses are deducted, will be forwarded to the purchaser._________

10. The breeders has the right to cancel any sale at any time for any reason, In such as instance, the deposit refunded and the breeder shall have no further obligation to the purchaser. If the purchaser has lied on their puppy application the guarantee / Warranties shall be void._______

12. Breeder will endeavor to the best of their ability to match dogs according to the application with the purchasers but makes no claims or guarantees that this dog is completely hypoallergenic or non-shcdding. Size is based on best guess and experience but variables do happen- as that cannot be accurately determined with 100% accuracy at 8 weeks of age.__________

13. The buyer understands that the breeder has made it a priority to breed for outstanding temperament but cannot guarantee the final temperament or behavior of the dog because environment socialization, exercise, training all play a role influencing the dogs mature behavior and personality._________

14. Purchasers agrees to have puppy taken to a veterinarian for routine vaccinations and checkups - as breeder will not be responsible for contagious diseases, parasites or illness acquired after leaving the breeders home. The buyer also agrees not to vaccinate for Lepto or Rabies prior to 16 weeks of age.Rabies is to be given separately from any other vaccination Failure to adhere to this will void warranty._______

15. The purchaser agrees to terms and conditions and accepts responsibility for all veterinary care. Liability for dogs actions and associated costs of pet ownership upon delivery to- new owner ___________

I have read and understood all of the above and agree to the terms: