Snowy White &Fairy Dog mother Doodles

English cream golden doodles- Kid tested mother approved

All the dogs on this page have passed their health testing

 Kona-Retired-an F1 English Cream Golden Doodle-wearing a Sable coat-Sable`s tend to be born dark and lighten up as they mature but retaining the lovely black or brown tipping-Kona is absolutely ball crazy- but when it is away she is very subdued , and calm - she is extremely patient not only with her puppies but with them all-Sometimes I wish she would scold them for biting her-and pulling her ears.

She does many types of tricks and extremely well behaved and trained-She truly is a rock star.


 Raffi  -Kona Daughter- Kola- 34 pounds-cut from the same cloth as her mother she is extremely sweet natured and a bit of a clown

Tinker is also Kona's Raffi daughter and has a more petite size that comes from her dad Raffi-  20  pounds easy going and very loving 

Chico-Born Feb 2015 He is a stunning English type golden retriever extremely calm and good natured - 

Java Bean is a mini poodle boy that loves to play ball- he lives in a home with children and has his boy to play with and sleep on the bed-

Meet Raffi - a Moyen sable caramel poodle-Most time it is Raffi`s behind you see before his head as he is wiggling so much-always happy but always fairly refined for a young man-He live in a guardian home and his family loves him- he is walked daily and goes everywhere with them- RAffi does retrieve but he would rather play with the dogs and just rough house- he is all I couldn't hope for more


Sootz is akc register silver phantom large standard poodle.She is so eye catching and sweet playful and loving. Every thing you'ld expect from a standard poodle .  She is loved by Monica- her 2 indoor Siamese cats are tolerant of Sootz She is a rough and tumble girl.She gets along with everyone and everything-She has passed all her testing 

Ceilidh party in Celtic and is a truly a stunning girl.Daughter of Sootz and Raffi a smaller standard she is outgoing and loving 40 pounds

Keeper is that stunning red head that everyone raves about but her gentle sweet nature is truly her best attribute under 20 pounds