Snowy White &Fairy Dog mother Doodles

English cream golden doodles- Kid tested mother approved

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Ace- head start puppy- 
f1- Chico and Ceildrah (please scroll down to see pictures of the parents)- He is maturing into an amazing fellow focused on his human -crate and house trained-has basic training well socialized and has been for car rides and walks with the pack Born Sept 5th. He is starting to silver out and is going to mature around 40 pounds  2600.00 +gst pst

Head Start Mini Doodles- 2400.00 +gst pst(parents below)

These girls should mature under 25 pounds-None shedding Both girls are crate trained .They are guardedly house trained.They have some basic training enjoy car rides and have been out on leashes exploring the world-They are playful and fun loving

 parti girl-Slightly taller than her sister her spots on her eyes are starting to appear-She is outgoing and sweet-She has a fleecy coat 

Tinker- mini english cream golden doodle 25 pounds

female caramel -This shorter stockie girl is more outgoing than her sister and has lots of confidence  .Her coat is slightly curlier -both love to be the center of your world 

Java Bean -mini Poodle-12 pounds 

This litter of mini double doodles will produce reds and blacks ready early in the new year -lovely pairing of non shedding puppies

Keeper is an f1b mini golden doodle non shedding

Dusk is a mini Austrailian Labradoodle -non shedding

I was so happy with this paring that I have decided to repeat this for Kola's last litter- average size was around 25-40 pounds with some slightly larger and some slightly smaller- creams chocolate sables sables -non shedding coats-early in the new year-

Lucca-Austrailian Labradoodle 38 pounds

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Kola f1b English cream golden doodles- 32 pounds 

Small standard Litter of f1s 40-60 pounds we are so excited about this pairing -creams sables-  summer 2018

Chico is an English Cream type Golden retriever-His has his grandfather amazing temperament and easy going nature-

Cielidh means party in Gaelic - she is certainly a parti girl-she is about 40 pounds