Snowy White & Fairy Dog Mother Doodles

English cream golden doodles- Kid tested mother approved

Thank- you for considering a guardianship- It is the foundation of my breeding program as I feel every dog should have a forever family-The dogs in my program have spent some time living with me in my home ,and most times come with training-They live in a social group with me in my home. I like to know first hand what the dogs in my program are like-I'm a very small breeder While I can always find home for my dogs upon retirement I would prefer to put my dogs in good homes first than to re home them later - 3 litters is normal- so I'm always keeping and eye to the future . There is a small deposit or pet insurance required, also a legal contract that protects both of us . The dog/puppy that you get will be one that I feel would make an excellence addition to the doodle world with health and temperament- Once the puppy has matured and all of it's health testing is completed. I pay for all vet cost associated with breeding.  - Once the contract is completed I pay for spading  / neutering is also covered in my cost-.

Males go on dates-Most times we can give you plenty of notice when we need his services. Preference is given to someone being home most days- that ties to the community ,own a home or have permission from the owner of the home,and have a fenced yard. Have an income and time to commit to the raising and training of the dog.

You are required to keep the dog under your control at all times. Females come to my home for around 8 weeks - You are welcome to visit. 

I feed a species appropriate diet (raw) and this is a requirement - I am more than willing to educate and help in this regard -

I am not an anti vaccinator but I do believe less is more- 

All of my dogs are naturally raised and feed an appropriate diet (Raw) ,have received minimal vaccines, titre for immunity there after- I will also approve the vet clinic- this isn't negotiable. I am willing to work with you on this but these thing provide optimum health not only for now but for life 

Liability is only on neglect, abuse or altering with out permission

So if you  are stable in the community- have references, Prepared to enter into an agreement that protects both of us. please fill out the puppy application and note that you are interested becoming a guardian.

I have a few guardianship available this year ,these 2 are ready now but will be looking for a few more in the coming months- 

This Doodle Girl is looking for her forever home she will be around 30 pounds. She is non-shedding with a curly coat and she is a very sweet, good natured girl. This picture was taken June 9, 2019, at 8 weeks of age.