Snowy White &Fairy Dog Mother Doodles

English cream golden doodles- Kid tested mother approved

Thank- you for considering a guardianship- It is the foundation of my breeding program as I feel every dog should have a forever family-Most of the dogs in my program have spent some time living with me in my home and have been walked daily,and most times come with training-They live in a social group with me in my home. I like to know first hand what the dogs in my program are like-I'm a very small breeder I would prefer to put my dogs in good homes first than to re home them at 5 or 6 when they retire, -and never over breed my dogs 3 litters is max- so I'm always keeping and eye to the future and that is normally about 2 year away- There is a small deposit or pet insurance required, some ,also a legal contract that protects both of us . The dog/puppy that you get will be one that I feel would make an excellence addition to the doodle world with health and temperament- in exchange for the puppy-female I have a few litters when the dog is of proper age and has cleared all of it's testing- I pay for all vet cost associated with breeding.  - Depending on the contract details spading  / neutering is also covered in my cost-.Males go on dates-Most times we can give you plenty of notice when we need his services, . You are required to keep the dog under your control or in a fenced yard. Females come to my home for around 8 weeks - Liability is only on neglect, abuse or altering with out permission

So if you  are stable in the community- have references, Prepared to enter into an agreement that protects both of us. please fill out the puppy application and note that you are interested becoming a guardian.

All of my dogs are naturally raised and feed an appropriate diet (Raw) ,have received minimal vaccines, titer  for immunity there after- I will also approve the vet clinic- this isn't negotiable. I am willing to work with you on this but these thing provide optimum health not only for now but for life