Snowy White &Fairy Dog mother Doodles

English cream golden doodles- Kid tested mother approved

All the mom and dads on this page have passed their health testing

Ceildrah-Poodle Not only is this girl a real looker but she has the temperament to match- easy going and a sweet nature 

Tinker is also Kona's Raffi daughter and has a more petite size that comes from her dad Raffi-  25  pounds easy going and very loving 

 Raffi  -Kona Daughter- Kola- 34 pounds-cut from the same cloth as her mother she is extremely sweet natured and a bit of a clown

Keeper- daughter of Annie - She is the apple or her mom and dad is a wonderful mother to her own puppies .

The Boys--Many of the boys I use come from other breeders with the same high standard as I have all would be health tested and worthy of my breeding program- The Boys below are ones that I co-own and they all live in guardian home- I dont keep males on site

Java Bean is a mini poodle boy that loves to play ball- he lives in a home with children and has his boy to play with and sleep on the bed-

Chico has his grandfathers English cream temperament and size- easy going laid back a stockier boy

New kids on the block-waiting for health testing 

Indie is Kola's daughter - she is a multi gene double doodle .Her dad was an Australian  Labradoodle -She is non shedding and an amazing girl and we look forward to seeing what her babies will be

Rubie is Keepers daughter  she is also a double doodle around 3o pounds of short stockiness -she is as small as her mother -her non shedding fleecy coat is stunning and the color is very rich red- 

 Lady is a Cocker Spaniel .These were the first doodle and as a child we had one-I look forward to bring a bit more genetic diversity into my breeding program and a smaller dog-She lives in a guardian home and is loved by her younger child

Maggie is the last of Konas Daughters and is also living in a house full of children -she is around 30 pounds and does not shed- 

Retired moms and dads

 Kona-Retired-an F1 English Cream Golden Doodle-wearing a Sable coat-Kona is absolutely ball crazy- but when it is away she is very subdued , and calm - she is extremely patient not only with her puppies but with them all-Sometimes I wish she would scold them for biting her-and pulling her ears.

She does many types of tricks and extremely well behaved and trained-She is the foundation of many of my dogs


Sootz-Large standard poodle- Sootz is a stunning silver sable and is the mother of Cieldrah - She loved her babies 

Wicket- Daisy's Daughter - Sweet nature and loving Wicket was a star that burned too bright .She was the best of the best and what every one should expect from their dog .She has since crossed over the rainbow bridge- RIP 

Daisy was my first poodle She was gentle and loving beginning of this incredible journey into the golden doodle Retired 

Annie is the mother of Keeper and was a great mom- She is so dignified and she is everything you could ask for in a dog 

Jazzie-Poodle Happy outgoing and sweet natured loved