Snowy White &Fairy Dog Mother Doodles

English cream golden doodles- Kid tested mother approved


I live in beautiful Campbell River on Vancouver Island .I enjoy gardening ,walking cycling ,being out doors. I devote my time to breeding and training puppies. 
I believe strongly in a natural approach to life- Eat whole foods, exercise regularly, drink plenty of water . I use herbals when ever possible . I  never use toxic chemicals.. Choosing instead for steam and natural cleaners

   I have a very small hands on breeding program..I have been breeding for over 15 years. .I'm also a certified dog trainer and have taken multiple courses on nutrition and whole food diet . When I don't have a house full of my own puppies I also work for other breeders and often training other puppies that families have sent to me for a few weeks of puppy school .   

All of the dogs residing with me live in my home.. My dogs are walked daily and are engaged weather it is chasing a ball playing tuggie or jumping hops- my dogs are my companions ->They enjoy learning and I enjoy the process . They are well mannered good citizens that can go anywhere.

I breed  for temperament/health-conformation -A non shedding pup is a bonus- and after living with them  for me, it is hard to go back-

Every dog in my breeding program is health tested, (they are vetted regularly and have stool and blood work done often,I believe in minimal core vaccination  then titer testing there after . - I use natural products diatomaceous earth and herbals as natural wormers, and flea control.>  

I do believe their is a time and a place for all types of medicine but I strive to use as natural a products first .

MY dogs eat a species appropriate whole raw meat/bone diet enriched with plenty of fresh greens and veggies,some fruit.  along with herbal supplements, macrobiotics.   I don't feed kibble(please read bringing home puppy)
None of my dogs are over-bred, I place most of my breeding dogs in permanent, qualified guardian homes,or retire them @ 5 with  3 litters. I consider not only the physical health of my dogs, but also their well being, forever



coming home from the beach

How puppies are raised -where we live

 My main floor of my house is all dog friendly space  . Beside my bedroom is a room where new born puppies sleep. It has a dog door and a safe, enclosed outdoor pen for mom. .

Puppies are handled daily from birth, . nails trimmed, ears cleaned , bathed when needed-

Puppies are weaned onto a whole food raw diet between 3-4 weeks. their first meal consists of goats milk, keifers  raw ground chicken /bone and diatomaceous earth as a natural wormier An all natural supplement of probiotics and immune boosters is also introduced- Once puppies are eating solid food they are always feed separately, Puppies are introduced to crates for eating . .

Puppies are moved to the family room and start interacting with the other puppies or dogs around 5 weeks. They also get used to the sound of the house and the comings and goings

-Boundaries are being established-


A door off the family room gives instant access to outside for potty with a large covered area for late night potty trips or nasty weather days

Puppies play area have different tactile surfaces on multiple levels so they can become accustomed to stairs, concrete, wooden decks, grass, gravel, large rocks and boulders- with things to climb over ,climb on, climb up

-They learn about older dogs that don't want to be bothered .Having a mixture of ages and sizes of dogs gives the pups a good understanding of boundaries

  Dogs are social migratory pack animals .So the following instinct is hardwired into puppies until they are around 4 months old- -this is the foundation of my training program-

Puppies @ 8 weeks spending nights in their own crate . I spend many nights getting up to put puppies out -as a puppy should never have to sleep in a wet bed -Some puppies take this easily and some need a bit more time but eventually they all get it - 


I have spent a lifetime studying and educating myself about how dogs think and interact. constantly seeking out new information as we learn more about man;s best friend so I  can upgrading my skills as a trainer and breeder.-  I  participated in yearly Webinars on nutrition and natural rearing- 

Campbell River British Columbia